Information 5/19/2022

University of Wisconsin Aquatic Science Center, Gavin Dehnert, Ph.D. will be conducting study on the   aquatic herbicide toxicity on non-target organisms before, during and after our whole lake treatment.  

Gavin Dehnert, Ph.D. has conducted studies on 2,4-D (2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid) and commercial Fluridone.

I have included both reports on our website. Just click on the blue area  above to read or print the reports.

The study on Bughs Lake will be conducted for a period of about three weeks. There will be four buckets of flat head minnows in the lake surrounded by a floating tube. (Noodle). After about three weeks or until the herbicide is out of our water the buckets of fish will be taken back to the lab where series of toxicology test will be run. A final report will be produced and be available to the public.

If you have any questions, please email or call BLMD Chairman

Our annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 27, 2022 at 10:00am at the Wautoma Town Hall. 

Public Notice

Bughs Lake Management District Board of Commissioners meeting will be held at the Town Hall, Town of Wautoma at W8241 Brown Deer Road, on July 18, 2022 at 6:00PM. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the 2021-2024 DNR Surface water grant, Fish management, Finalize the annual budget, Up date on Land purchase and other business that may come before the board.

This meeting is open to the members of the Bughs Lake Management District and the general public. As per Wisconsin Statue 19.85(1) this notice is posted in three locations.


Public Notice

The Bughs Lake Management District proposes to potentially chemically treat up to 24.8 acres on Bughs Lake for control of the invasive species Eurasian water-milfoil.  Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource will perform the initial treatment in May/June, 2022.  The herbicide ProcellaCOR EC will be used.  Warning signs will be posted within 150’ of the affected areas at the time of treatment which will include any restrictions relating to fish consumption, swimming, or water use as follows; To see more click on “Property Owner Notice” for full notice and permit application. Click on “Argus” for publication notice.


ProcellaCOR EC Treatment Areas:  Lake users are able to use the treated water for any recreation activities (boating, swimming, fishing, etc), domestic purposes, watering animals, and drinking water without restriction immediately after treatment.  Water from treated areas should not be used for irrigation for 1 day following treatment.


When ever you are working on removal of HWM from your property or the water around your pier, please keep track of your hour. With our four year HWM control grant we can get credit for your hard work.

Click on “Volunteer Labor Form” to opening up the form and print. Print out as many form as needed. Fill in Volunteer Last Name, First Name, Middle initial at the top of the page. (One person per form) Than fill in the Date, Description of Work Performed, Hours and rate of $12.00. At the bottom of the first page sign it, Date it, Email or Volunteer phone number. Return the form to any Commissioner. Thanks for Volunteering.

Up Date: The results of the week of August 2nd and August 16th harvesting is approximately 77,000 pounds of Aquatic Plants.  With the removal of 87,000 pounds the week of June 10th, to date that is approximately 164,000 pounds of Aquatic plant materials removed from the lake and will not decay in the lake and turn to muck.


Whats Happening on our Lake:

  • BLMD received the FY2021 Surface Water Grant from the WDNR for control of HWM in Bughs Lake. It’s a four year grant with a project total cost of $80,368.95. The State of Wisconsin share is $60,276.34 and BLMD share is $20,092.11.

    Grant year 2021, was very difficult for the WDNR in determining which Lakes & River were to receive a grant. They had 352 applicants requesting $7.4 million and they had only $6.2 million available. We received the largest grant in Waushara County.

  • The week of August 2, 2021: Wenninger harvested over 77,000 pounds of aquatic vegetation from our lake. With the two harvest that is over 164,000 pounds of aquatic vegetation.

  • The week of June 7, 2021: Wenninger harvested over 87,000 pounds of aquatic vegetation from our lake. 
  •  On October 23, 2019, WL&PR, LLC, (Jim Scharl) took 8 to 12 HWM plants from three locations on the lake, and sent them to SePro to grow in the lab over the winter months. During the summer of 2020 they challenge test the plants against ProcellaCor. This information along with WDNR final report on the lakes that was treated this past summer will help BLMD and WDNR to determine the right approach for our lake. Click on “ProcellaCOR” for the final report. 

    In January 2021, SePro did the challenge test on Fluridone (Sonar). Click on “Sonar” for the final report.

  • November 1, 2020, the Bughs Lake Management District applied for a Large Scale AIS Grant from the WDNR. The grant will be used to control HWM in our lake for the next four years. 

  • Bughs Lake water level has dropped 11 5/8″ from 10/3/19 to 10/20/20 and down 19 1/4″ from 11/6/18 high. That is approximately 15,680,600 gallons of water. Click on Bughs Lake Water level to look at graft.
  • September 4, 2020, approximately 44 yards of gravel was placed on the Bughs Lake Public Landing by Tom, Dale, Pat and Chuck. Another 5 yards was done on the 11th, to complete the project. After two years of high water, it finally came down enough for the District/Town to repair the road. If the water level continues to drop, next year we can repair the rest of the public landing. See the pictures on our Picture page. Thanks to the Town of Wautoma and the Volunteers for there hard work.
  • September 14, 2020, the lake was stocked with 300 Walleye. Walleye are 7 to 8 inches long and are being planted in the lake to control our over abundance of stunted growth Bluegills.
  • June 30, 2020, Wenninger cut and harvest weeds for three days to create navigation channel and lanes. They haul out 4 tons of plants. 
  • We preformed a spot treatment with ProcellarCOR in 2019. The treatment covered 2.6 acres of HWM. 
  • August 30, 2018 – Public landing restoration was completed. Everyone can be proud of our new Public Landing. It will take several years before we will see the plants spread and make a beautiful park like setting. Thanks to the volunteers that made it possible.
  • In 2017, A new Bughs Lake Boating Ordinance was approved by the Town of Wautoma on September 11, 2017. This is posted on our reports page and on the WDNR site.
  • This year due to high water, many of our future projects might have to be on hold for a while. We hope that the water will go down and we can repair any damage to the public landing project.