Bughs Lake is a 30 acre seepage lake located in Waushara County, Wisconsin. We have 77 properties in the Bughs Lake Management District (BLMD). We also have a Bughs Lake Property Owners Association (BLPOA). Bughs Lake is located in two townships. The Town of Wautoma and the Town of Dakota.

BLMD – Board of Commissioners

if you have any questions, Please contact any of the board members below by using the Contact Us page.

Feel free to contact any one of Bughs Lake Management District commissioners by email at: bughslake(at)gmail(dot)com or by going to the Contact Us page and fill out the form.

  • Richard DeLisle – Chairman – (2023)
  • Sherry Behnke – Secretary – (2022)
  • Robert L. Gordon -Treasurer – (2024)
  • None Assigned – County Representative
  • Jeff Nett, Town of Wautoma Representative

Bughs Lake Management District:

Bughs Lake Management District (BLMD) was formed October 2014 with the support of the majority of the residents in the new district boundary.

There are five commissioner on the Board of Commissioners. Three own property in the district and are elected by the district property owners. One is appointed by Waushara County and one by the Town of Wautoma. Term of elected office is three years.

The Board of Commissioners meet four times a year plus the annual meeting. The Board of Commissioners meetings are usually in September, December, April and July.

The annual meeting is held in August

All meetings are posted at Pick N Save, Town of Wautoma Hall, this website and the public boat launch. The annual meeting is advertised in the Waushara Argus. All property owners in the district are mailed a written notice of the annual meeting along with a budget for the upcoming year.

If you would like to receive a “Welcome Packet”. Please use the contact form to request the packet or contact any District Commissioner.